Saturday, June 1, 2013

Revised Punch List - June 1

Living Room - DONE 

  • Install Closet Door Curtain
  • Door Trim
  • Partition for Hot Water Tank
  • Replace Electrical Outlet and Cover
Small Bedroom - DONE 

  • Install Back-splash
  • Paint/Refinish Cabinets
  • Replace Laminate on Counter tops
  • Partition for Laundry Center
  • Door Transition to Porch
Sun Porch
  • Remove Old Cabinets
  • Fix Ceiling
  • Clean Windows, Walls and Floor
  • Fix Screen Door
  • Paint Floor
  • Lighting
  • Window Treatments ????
Curb Appeal
  • Fix Concrete Step
  • Paint Rod iron Black
  • Paint Concrete Stoop Pad and Steps
  • Front Flower Beds  (Edging, Mulch, Plants)
  • Edge Driveway
  • Add Gravel
  • House Number (Stoop Gable, Mailbox)
  • Touch Up Front Windows (Clean/Paint)
  • On going - Mow/Trim Lawn

I hope to have the kitchen completed by the end of June. 30 days sounds like a lot of time but I am returning back to a normal life and plan on only working an evening or two through the week and Sunday after church on the weekends.

I have other interest other than remodeling that I have put on hold while I concentrate on getting the little house ready for my son. I will start back to running three day's a week in June and then pick it up a notch starting in July as I start training for my second 1/2 marathon. Not to mention all the DIY projects that have been stacking up at my own house.

So far it has been fun and quite the learning experience. I am looking forward to tackling the outside and hopefully improve our curb appeal.

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