Thursday, January 24, 2013

Faux Plank Wall

I found this blog and great tip on creating a faux plank wall using plain old paneling while researching how best to install paneling. I am thinking of using this on the ugly brown shingled wall of the porch.  perfectlyimperfectblogng

Lost and Found

The bathroom shower was missing one of the doors. I found it today while I was checking out the storage sheds. The door has a broken roller other than that it looks fine. SCORE... I can get a set of replacement rollers/bracket from Lowes for $4.47.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Two Week Punch List

We should be closing soon and the Punch List for the first 2 weeks is starting to look like this.

Get Utilities Set Up - Water/Sewage/Trash, Electric and Gas.  
Thing 1 (Storage Shed) - Clean, Replace Latch, Lock, Electric and Lights working
Thing 2 (Storage Shed) - Clean, Fix Door, Lock
Living Room - Paint, Floor, Fix Light
Main Bed Room - Paint, Floor, Closet, Door, Light
Youth Bed Room - Remove Old Closet,  Add Closet, Paint, Light, Door
Bathroom - Seal and Paint Shower Window and Enclosure, Shower Head, Paint, Floor, Replace Medicine Chest, Add Light and Switch, Shower Doors
Porch - Fix Screen Door, Close Windows, Remove Mounted Cabinets
Kitchen - Refrigerator, Clean Oven, Fix Counter Outlet
Exterior - Lock for Electrical Breaker Box, Fix Step

Still researching closet options, build, or replace with bigger wardrobes. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. The main bedroom has a very small built in closet and the small bed room will not have a closet at all after we make it back into a bedroom. The small bedroom had been converted and used as a walk in closet.

The kitchen which is need of a major remodel will start after all of the above.  We are replacing the carpet in the living room with wood laminate and may put it in the main bedroom as well. How well the install goes in the living room will be a major deciding factor on whether we extend it into the bedroom.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

These two twin storage barns were joined for some unknown reason and it has created some structural issues and water damage where the two are joined. We plan on separating them and seeing if we can save them come spring. The one on the left has electric but reeks of animal urine and feces. The one on the right has the most damage. I am not sure if we can even separate them without destroying one or both for that matter. Too cold to worry about it now.

We will have to give them a little TLC as we plan on using them for storage during the remodel. Mostly for all the stuff were ripping out until we can arrange to dispose of it properly.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Heated Discussion

Wall Heat Unit
The bank was not happy with the Wall Unit heater and would not approve the loan unless something was done about the heat. The seller had to come down considerably from the asking price because of the appraisal so we decided to address the heating issue. With the help of our realtor we hired an electrical contractor to install electrical baseboard heaters in the two bedrooms and bathroom and to fix a few other electrical issues that were found in the inspection. All total it cost us $675. There was some heated discussion for sure between me and the bank but in the end we just wanted to close the deal and it was something that was going to have to be done anyway.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Upcoming Toilet Install

While there are no plans to replace the current toilet I am planning on replacing the carpet with something. That will require removing the commode and re-installing it. I found this link on the Internet that did a pretty good job of explaining what is required.  How to install an American standard cadet 3 toilet. I hope it turns out that easy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A day at IKEA

We spent a day at IKEA in Cincinnati. It was a fun time and we got some great ideas on how best utilize the space in our small house. One of our many finds was this corner wardrobe. My wife also found some items she would like to add to our own home. If you have never been to IKEA find one and plan on making a day of it. You'll be glad you did.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trash Idea

While visiting the ReStore in Troy we came across this interesting kitchen Trash Bin idea. Along with the Pull Out for the Hideaway Trash Can instead of a drawer on top they made a cutout so you could dispose of small trash without opening the door. I'm not sold on the concept but my son Tony likes it.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vanity in a small bath

The bathroom is small. 6x10 at best and the space includes a tub, hot water tank and two entry doors. The sink plumbing comes out of the wall and not the floor. I would like to replace it with a small vanity but the one we both like is $250.

Tony likes the open shelf and legs vs the traditional box style.  I even toyed with the idea of a DIY re-purpose of an end table and sink vessel. My biggest worry is not just the cost but the height and width. There is not much space between the sink and the toilet.

Here is a picture of what we are looking at. I didn't have a measuring tape but my guess would be it is about 29 inches high and too short for our plumbing.

Of course I could cut off and extend the legs..........or not.....I am glad this is on the down the road list of things to do.

As much as I like the idea of a vanity for the added storage a peddle based sink might be the best option. 


Tony and I had a great night shopping and ciphering on how best to tackle the remolding of our new project home. I was first leaning toward cheap $.68 cent tongue and grove wood laminate till I saw a large section on display. The pieces slide together but do not lock and I could see this could cause an issue with the seams. I found an upgrade for $1.09 not top of the line but has locking edges. The wood laminate will go in the living room and kitchen. It too has mixed reviews but I think it is worth a shot.