Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Looking Forward

It took almost a month longer than we planned, but Tony has officially moved into the Little House.  The main bedroom, bathroom and living room are all but complete, with just a few minor details to finish them up. The focus is now on the small bedroom and kitchen.

The best thing we could do with the kitchen cabinets is rip them down and give them a proper burial. However, the money is running out so it looks like we are going to have to go with just painting them and adding new hardware with the plan of replacing them down the road.

The small bedroom is not without it's own challenges. The floor sags, dips, slopes, -- you name it. It wasn't all that noticeable when it was buried under shag carpet, but once we removed it and the sub-floor my-oh-my what a mess. This room and the bathroom are the two rooms I would have liked to have taken down to the studs and joist. I think that both these rooms are going to come back and haunt me in the end.

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