Monday, April 22, 2013

Spouting Off

I had to remove the old bathtub spout in order to install the new tub/shower surround. It was so tight that I was afraid of breaking something so I had the plumber check it out while he was back again trying to stop the toilet leak.  It took a little of the thread with it but it did come off.

The remaining stub was 3/4 inch instead of the common 1/2 inch. I was able to buy a universal spout that would work with either. Well that almost worked. The instructions said at least 1/2 inch of threaded stub required. Well it was going to be close but I thought I would give it a try. Long story short it leaked and when I tried to tighten it the plastic adapter cracked. So much for that $25 fix.  To add to my woes I bought satin nickel instead of chrome. So I bought a $10 replacement chrome spout with diverter, a 3/4 to 1/2 brass reducer and a 4 inch 1/2 inch stem.

Problem solved right. Well almost. The 4 inch stem was 1 inch too long. Another trip to the store for a 3 inch stem.  Now everything is all set to go.   Wrong...The tub spout worked fine until I used the shower. The added pressure brought back the leak at the base that I thought I had solved. UGH!

I took a deep breath or two along with a few choice words and gave the reducer a few more good turns. At long last it all worked leak free and looked great to boot. Thanks to persistence, more hours than I care to admit and $55 later I had finally achieved success.

Oh and the plumber got the toilet leak fixed too.

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