Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 1

Glory halleluiah we finally closed, but it wasn't without it's last minute drama. The Bank called to verify my wife's employment the day just before we closed and was told that my wife had retired. The HR department confused her with someone with the same last name. Fortunately we were able to resolve the issue and still close today.

When it rains it pours - and I mean literally. To make a long story short I came home on lunch the day before we closed to find the upstairs, downstairs and basement flooded in the house we live in. It was a huge mess.  We sucked up what we could and brought in a professional Drying and Recovery Team to do the rest. More on that later, but lets just say the DIY project board just got a lot more crowded.  Looks like I now have two houses to work on. I hate when that happens.

Day 1 Accomplishments and Observations Main Bedroom
  • Removed all the old window hardware
  • Removed all the old nails in the walls
  • Removed all the baseboard trim
  • Unmounted the baseboard heater
  •  Removed carpet, padding and tack strips
  • Removed old peal and stick tile (Found Under the Carpet)
  • Removed all the staples and and nails from floor from previous installs
  • When removing old flooring I would suggest wearing gloves. I did not and suffered some minor injuries.
  • We are going to have to replace the Baseboard Trim, I was hoping to be able to salvage it but that is not going to work out.
  • The walls and ceiling were painted the same color, we decided to paint the ceiling eggshell white and the walls stone grey. 
  • There are some issues with the built-in closet that we have to resolve. Still ciphering on that one.
  • The ceiling was not installed very well and sags in places. I want to tear it down and replace it with drywall but think that might have to wait for another day. It's not horrible so I guess we live with it for now.
  • My son Tony stopped by after work and help with some of the demo. It was nice to have a helper and to work with my son.
  • Lisa stopped by with supper - Good Food and a Good Excuses to take a much need break.
  • I was hoping to be farther along in the process but removing the staples and nails from the floor took a lot longer and more out of me than I thought it would. The good news is that we found the sub-floor in pretty good shape.
  • We are looking to take our time and try and have the house ready to move in April 1. If I didn't have a full time job I wouldn't hesitate to pull down the ceilings but this is going to have to be a weekend and after work project.
  • 10 Hours Estimated work completed

Pictures to come soon.

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