Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 2

Got a lot done today on the little house. Tony came by and was a one man wrecking crew. He removed the carpet from the bathroom and totally cleaned out the old closet install from the small bedroom. The removal of the makeshift closet proved to be quite the task as it was built heavy, rock solid and not ever meant to be dismantled.

Day 2 Accomplishments and Observations
  • Bathroom Carpet Removed
  • Small Bedroom Walk-In-Closet Dismantled
  • Small Bedroom Carpet Removed
  • Decided to work with the Closet in the Big Bedroom (Removed the shelf and started on getting rid of the old nails. Most of the nails were from the outside in. Used my handy dremel tool to cut them off.
  • Primed the windows and door trim in the Main Bedroom
  • Painted the ceiling in the Big Bedroom (Went with Flat White) Looks oh so much better
  • Replaced wall corner trim with Drywall tape and Joint Compound in the Main Bedroom
  • 14 Estimated Hours Worked
  • A crowbar in hand makes me feel grand.

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