Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fixing a Crooked Light Switch Wall Plate

The house is a wreck and there is just way too much left to do. My hope is that we can have the bathroom, Master Bedroom and Living Room done by the first. It will be a busy weekend for sure.

I spent just about the entire night fighting with replacing a crooked duel light switch in the living room. The box was installed crooked and looks like it had been that way since the beginning of time. The old box was metal and there was just no easy way of getting it out.  I literally had to take it out in pieces. Luckily I was able to do this without damaging the wall. I had to leave one side of the box as it was somehow wrapped around the stud.

This is the gang box I used. It is made for replacing old boxes. It has two tabbed flaps, one in each corner to secure the box to the wall. I had to re-size the hole a bit so the new box would not be crooked like the original.

In the end I triumphed and had the new box and switches installed before I called it a night. Level and Working. 

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