Monday, March 25, 2013

Two Week Punch List - Revisited

Well not only can I not blog and remodel at the same time, things just take longer than you expected. So for a reality check I thought I would revisit our fist Two Week Punch List (Wish List) I originally posted in January.

We should be closing soon and the Punch List for the first 2 weeks is starting to look like this.

DONE - Get Utilities Set Up - Water/Sewage/Trash, Electric and Gas.  

NOPE -Thing 1 (Storage Shed) - Clean, Replace Latch, Lock, Electric and Lights working

NOPE -Thing 2 (Storage Shed) - Clean, Fix Door, Lock

Living Room
Light Fixed, Ceiling Painted,  Walls and Flooring left to do.

Main Bedroom
Closet Ready for Trim, Room Painted, Light Fixed, Sill need to lay floor and trim and install door. -

Youth Bed Room - Ceiling Painted, Old Closet Removed Still a lot of work left to do - Remove Old Closet,  Add Closet, Paint, Light, Door

Bathroom - We replaced the Toilet and Flooring and painted the walls but it is still a mess.Seal and Paint Shower Window and Enclosure, Shower Head, Paint, and the Toilet has the never to still leak. Floor, Replace Medicine Chest, Add Light and Switch, Shower Doors

NOPE - Porch - Well we did get the windows closed. fix Screen Door, Close Windows, Remove Mounted Cabinets

Kitchen - Outlet is fixed and we have a small temp refirigerator  Oven is Clean but I shorted out the baking element doing the final clean. Refrigerator, Clean Oven, Fix Counter Outlet

Exterior - Got a Lock for the breaker box and sheds but have not had a chance to fix the step. Lock for Electrical Breaker Box, Fix Step

Progress is being made but at a much slower rate than I had anticipated.

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