Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend CountDown

Thursday - Living Room Painted, Bathtub Cleaned
Friday - Plumber fixed Leaking Toilet and Removed old Shower Head Stem. Plumber had to cut open the wall and cutoff the old valve and replace it with a new one. Small Bedroom Primed, 2 Sheets of Paneling Primed, Table Saw Assembled, Started Work on Flooring Bedroom, Fun, Fun, Fun.
Saturday - Replaced Access Panel for the Crawl Space, Moved Wiring for Baseboard Heater in the Main Bedroom, Installed Ceiling Vent Fan and Light in Bathroom, Installed Vanity Light, Installed Light Switches and Outlet, Installed Medicine Cabinet.

Took Easter off on the little house and help my wife with re-installing some trim at our house.

So we didn't get any flooring done or the bathtub/shower surround done, but it was a good weekend all the same. My son Tony came and we spent most of Saturday installing the Ceiling Vent Fan and Light and the rest of the electrical in the bathroom. I goofed on my wiring the outlet and it was causing the breaker to flip. I didn't have time to troubleshoot as my wife and I had dinner plans. We hadn't even made it to the restaurant when my son Tony sent my wife a clip of all the electrical working. Way to go Tony.

Pictures to Soon Follow.

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