Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quick and Dirty - Level Floor

The small bedroom's floor dipped by about an inch in the middle. There was no way we would be able to lay the laminate flooring with that much of a difference. I found several articles on the web on how to level a floor. They ranged from ripping up the floor and fixing the joist to using shims or shingles. To be honest I am in full support of Fixing the Real Problem and go the taking up the flooring and addressing the sagging issue by fixing the joist. However time and money was not going to let us go that route.

Using the straight edge of one of the pieces of OSB we were going to use for a subfloor as our guide we filled in the dips with some of the old flooring we had tore up. We simply kept moving our guide across the floor and filled the voids with the old square tiles. We then laid the OSB down in sections and tweaked it a little more till we were satisfied.

We ended up with a nice solid and fairly level floor to work with. COOL

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