Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Twelve Gallons Of Paint

I tallied it up today and couldn't believe that it took 12 Gallons of paint -- to paint the inside of this little house.  3 gal. Primer, 2 gal. Ceiling Flat White, 2 gal. Gray, 2 gal. Semi Gloss White, 1 gal. Brown, 1 gal. Tan, 1 gal. Blue.  While we didn't use all the Brown, Blue and Tan - it still adds up to 12 and about $300 worth of paint.

I do have a little more appreciation for the route the former owner had taken with painting all the rooms, ceilings/walls the same putty color. While it sort-of made for a drab/flat look, I can now appreciate the time and money it must of saved.

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