Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stanley -- My Main Man

American Express warned us to “Don’t leave home without it” when it came to their credit card. Well I am here to tell you don’t try DIY without Stanley.  Stanley is my main man. Stanley my Putty knife has proven invaluable through out this entire remodel.  He scrapes, chips, molds, pries and takes quite the beating. We used him to scrap up gunk, take off molding, put on molding, take up flooring and a bunch of other things he wasn’t meant to be used for. 

You definitely need to have one of these guys in your toolbox. Mine is just like the one pictured here. My wife’s is a little more beefy with a strike plate on the end of the handle.

We have grown so fond of this little workhorse that we call him by name. Stanley even has his own special place to hang out so we can find him when we need him. Which is quite often.

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