Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Range of Opportunities

Our new range hood came with several opportunities to overcome so that we could install it.

Opportunity #1 - Old range hood was 36 inches our new one is only 30. Stove and hood will have to be centered on the cabinet and we will just have to live with the space between the stove and the counter.

Opportunity #2 - The electrical coming out of the wall is on the left side and the new range hood has the electrical hook up on the right. I am going to have to drill out with my 1 inch hole saw three holes in our new range  hood. One to bring the wiring in and two to route the electrical cable to the hookup.

Opportunity #3 - The electrical cable coming from the wall was not long enough to reach and was just coming out of a hole in the wall. I cut out and installed the wiring in a 1 gang box and extended the wiring with a pigtail. This way all the wire nut connections stay inside the box in the wall.

Opportunity #4 - My son Tony wanted a backsplash behind the stove and between the counter top and upper cabinets. So we had to cut, trim and glue the section behind the stove.

Opportunity #5 - The cabinet doors above the range hood over lapped the top of the hood and would not close. So those had to be taken down and trimmed.

Well the range hood is up and functional and looking good. Drilling out the access holes proved a bit challenging as I had to do it on an angle. I used a small drill bit to create a pilot hole followed by a bigger bit, followed by my 1 inch circular saw bit. I will post pictures of the completion once we get the cabinet doors back up.

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